What questions should you be asking?

Getting started in the right direction!

Talk to us! We are available 24-7 for our customers. We can meet you at your lot, our office, or on a job site to meet and greet.


Ask us to show you at least two houses that we have built. Seeing our homes is the best way to see the quality that we put into any construction project.
We have many current and past customers that will be more than willing to talk to you about the experience of building their homes.
We will get you into contact with our bank to make sure that we have a strong business relationship with a financial institution.
We will give you references to any subcontractor and supplier that we are currently working with so you can ask them what kind of a relationship Seagers Construction has with them. To be a quality builder one needs to have great relationships with their subs, and we here at Seagers Construction pride ourselves on the strong ties we have with our subs and suppliers.
Seagers Construction carries Builders Risk, Liability, and Workers Compensation insurance for all homes that we build.
Seagers Construction keeps two complete sets of books on every house that we build. Feel free to ask to see a budget from a past home, a sample of our contract, or a tour of the accounting system that we keep for each home.

THIS IS YOUR DREAM HOME! You are in charge of your dream home, so please feel free to ask us anything.

No question is silly or unimportant. For you to make the right decision, you need to be comfortable with every question, answer, and aspect that goes into your home.