What is the process to build a custom home?

We can get you started in the right direction!

  1. Make a list of what you would like in your home. Look through magazines and tour homes. Consider having a Pinterest page of ideas or a computer file with screenshots of things you like. Clip pages from magazines.
  2. Determine your budget and get pre-qualified for your permanent loan. If you plan to get a loan, most lenders require that the homeowner have 20% of the total cost of the loan as a down payment. For some people, this means a paid off piece of property.
  3. Look at land available in your area. Once you have narrowed down your land choices, please consult with us. A lot of the cost of building a custom home is driven by attributes of the land. Rocks, slope, and the location of utilities can drive up costs. Check for the availability of a water system or wells in the area before buying land. 
  4. Talk to us!
    • Ask us for recommendations for lenders, and drafters or architects.
  5. Begin the design process with a drafter or architect.
  6. Speak to your lender about qualifying for a construction loan.
  7. Once your plan is finalized, we can fully bid the project, agree on a price, and sign a contract with us.
  8. With a signed contract, final plan, and budget breakdown, you can close on the construction loan.  Then you will be placed on our construction schedule in one of our next available openings.
  9. Finally, we will apply for permits and begin building your dream home.

The timeline varies a lot. Some people move through the above process and are placed on our building schedule in 4 months, while others take a year or more.  

Consult with us and a real estate agent to determine a good timeline for selling your current home.  The home building process is a marathon not a sprint. The custom home building process can easily take 15 months or more, from step 1 through moving in to your finished home.