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At Seagers Construction, we can build anything you can dream of. With over 30 years of combined experience, we are skilled in all levels of building. Our services include:

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You have your dream home in mind, but don’t know where to build it? Not a problem. We can build on your land, lots that we own, or we can find the perfect lot for you. The lots that we have available are ready to build on, and have some of the greatest views in all of New Mexico. Seagers Construction has a full time realtor working for us that has access to all lots listed in the greater Albuquerque area. If you already have a realtor we are more than happy to work with them too.
Why choose Seagers Construction? At Seagers Construction, LLC we are a full service General Contractor. Depending on what type of project you want built and your personal preferences we can build both on hard bids or in the cost plus system. Due to the various types of projects we build and the intricacies of each custom home we build there is no set per foot cost. Every project is different. The best part of “custom” is that we tailor your home or project to exactly what you want and the price point that you want to be in. When pricing projects we use the plans, and what you want in terms of finishes and systems you want in your home to finalize the price of your project. This flexibility allows us to build every sort of home, from simple starter houses to the luxury home of your dreams. The same concept applies to all the types of construction that we do.
For every project that we build we offer the option of a hard bid. A hard bid is simply what it sounds like. When we price your project we give you the price of construction. When your project is completed that is the price that you pay. For the most part this is how we price most of our smaller projects, remodels and commercial projects.

At Seagers Construction, LLC almost all of our customers choose the cost plus system when we build their custom home. The reason for this is that it gives you the best deal. Cost plus is the best way for our customers to understand what is going into their home and it lets them set the budget for their home. What is cost plus you ask? Please read on.

When we build a house at cost plus, you hire us to build and manage your construction project. You pay the same price that we pay on all material and labor. As a reputable builder in the area we have many builder discounts with our subcontractors and suppliers, and we pass the savings onto our customers. There are no hidden costs in the building of your home. You will get a copy of every invoice that was paid to build your home along with a release of liability signed by every subcontractor that was used to build your home. Our construction fees are based off a percentage of what the cost of your home is. We constantly strive to find you the best deals on materials and labor and everything else that factors into the cost of your home. Our fee is a set percentage, because of this, whenever we can save money during the course of construction that savings is passed directly on to you. So when it comes down to it, you are in charge of the budget of your home. This system allows both you and us maximum flexibility in the budgeting and construction of your home.

One other thing: Qualtiy of the work we do and the warranty of it is of the upmost concern to us at Seagers Construction, LLC . Quality is what our reputation is staked upon and is what keeps our customers happy and insures that their investments stand the test of time. The subcontractors and suppliers we use are chosen for the most part because they take total pride in what they do and what they supply. Getting something for a cheaper price is always a concern but we always weigh the quality of the job heavily. All of our subcontractors pricing is within competitive market value but quality is truly our number one concern. We have long term relationships with the people we hire. This emphasis on quality is what truly distinguishes us from the rest of the pack and ensures you, as our customer, we always have your best interests at heart.

Seagers Construction, LLC can build whatever you dream of. We are active in new home construction, custom home construction, remodeling of homes, additions, kitchens, baths, commercial construction, commercial remodeling, tenant improvements, shop construction, garage construction and barn building. Please contact us if you have any questions.

At Seagers Construciton, LLC we also build all sorts of commercial projects. Projects include new construction, commercial remodeling, and all sorts of tenant improvements. Please contact us for more information.