Thank you for your interest in our 2012 Parade of Homes entry. This is an amazing modern custom home, designed by Sam Sterling Architecture, LLC and built by us to blend into the natural surroundings of the Bosque. The home’s clean lines, natural material, passive solar design, and open feel make it a traditional New Mexican home, but once you see it for yourself, you’ll discover it goes beyond your idea of a traditional home.

The modern clean interior makes it warm and inviting keeping you in touch with the natural surroundings with the large view windows along every wall of the home. The passive solar design takes full advantage of the natural heat source New Mexico is blessed with year round. Solar shading keeps the home cool in the summer and the natural concrete floors absorb heat in the winter months to abate the expense of having to heat this home.

The exterior of the home is easily accessible from almost every room making it feel like you are never truly locked up in a house, but living in an open air environment. The natural stone and weathered metal exterior blend in with the New Mexico surroundings to make the home feel like it’s been here for the ages.

We hope you enjoy the home as much as we enjoyed building it for the homeowners. Please keep in mind that it is a private residence and will ONLY be open during the Parade of Homes open house: Friday Oct. 12 – Sunday Oct. 14 & Friday Oct. 19- Sunday Oct. 21 from 11am – 5 am each day.